2020 Legislative Update 5

The Kansas 2020 Legislative Session is in full swing, it was a very busy week, with much of the work still being done in committees as we hear and work bills to advance forward. We are just two weeks away from Turnaround Day when non-exempt committee bills must pass from the House to the Senate or Senate to the House for consideration. Continue reading

2020 Legislative Update 4

On Monday, the Greater Kansas City Chamber hosted a luncheon for Legislators at the Capitol. Joe Reardon, President/CEO, and his team gave an excellent presentation about the Kansas City Region’s economic importance to Kansas. Much of the information they provided is available online in the new Greater KC Report. There were a lot of good questions and discussion about the opportunities and challenges facing the region. We very much appreciate the opportunity to have these important dialogues! Continue reading

2020 Legislative Update 3

The 2020 Legislative Session is well underway and it has been an extremely busy start. Much of the work and focus is in Committees with hearings and some bills beginning to work their way to the full House of Representatives for consideration. Monday, February 3rd is the deadline for Legislators to request bills to be drafted for consideration this year. Continue reading

2020 Legislative Update 2

It was a busy week at the Capitol as the Kansas Legislature completed week two of the 2020 session. It is wonderful to see so many visitors from home attending events at the Statehouse and engaged in the legislative process! Continue reading

2020 Legislative Update 1

The 2020 Kansas Legislative Session commenced on Monday, January 13th and is off to a brisk start. The first week brought many Kansans to the Capitol to share information, ideas and participate in the beginning of the Legislative Session. Continue reading

2019 Legislative Update 13

The legislature hit the ground running when we returned for the veto session on Wednesday, May 1st. It was a short veto session. We worked late into the night on Saturday, May 4th with the House adjourning around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 5th and Senate adjourning around 2:45 a.m. The House Majority Leader moved to suspend Rule 101, known as the midnight rule. The rule was created for safety reasons as the result of a legislator passing away on the drive home after working through the night several years ago. With the rule in place, the legislature may not begin to address any legislation after midnight however, that rule is often suspended. Continue reading

2019 Legislative Update 12

This week the legislature held conference committees to work out differences in bill versions between the House and Senate. A conference committee is comprised of three members from each chamber, typically the chairperson, vice chairperson, and ranking minority member of the standing committee, or other committee, that originally considered the bill in that chamber. Continue reading

2019 Legislative Update 11

A historically slow session came to a head this week when the house worked over 50 bills in two days. The house worked late into the evening both Monday and Tuesday nights - just 30 minutes shy of the midnight rule on Monday. The pace will continue to be very busy leading up to first adjournment on April 5th as the Legislature attempts to come to a consensus on remaining issues. Continue reading

2019 Legislative Update 10

A very exciting week as the House passed Medicaid Expansion (see report below) which now heads to the Senate. Representative Kathy Wolfe Moore (from Wyandotte County) did an excellent job carrying the measure on the House Floor. Expanding Medicaid will provide about 150,000 working Kansans, that fall in the coverage gap, with access to much-needed healthcare option. It will also return our already paid federal dollars to Kansas, provide support to hospitals and clinics as well as stimulate our economy. Continue reading

2019 Legislative Update 9

There was a lot of activity and events at the Capitol this past week including Theatre in Our Schools Advocacy Day, WEALTH Day, Mental Health Advocacy Day, Kansas Ag Day, Nonprofit Day on the Hill and the State Refugee Update. Continue reading